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The Rules

Welcome to the Bionicle MOCers League!
Please read here before submitting to the group.

1. Standard :devart: rules apply.

2. All submissions must be of a particular standard or higher; that is, after all, what sets this group apart from the others. We will not accept MOCs of low quality - while we understand that some people lack the necessary pieces, everyone will be treated equally. Please see below for more details.

3. Submissions must be designed by the owner. This is a group for MOCs (an acronym for My Own Creation, which is anything that the user has created using Lego).

4. Anyone may become a member of this group, but only those whose submissions meet the standard can have their deviations in our gallery.

5. There is a limit of 8 submissions per day on all folders. Flooding is not permitted.

6. Please submit your deviation to the appropriate folder. If you are unsure, read the descriptions for the folders or ask one of the administrators.

7. To request a submission be featured, removed, or exchanged for another in our featured gallery folder, please Note the group with the subject/title of "Featured Gallery Request." Only Deviations that have been successfully submitted to the group will be placed into the featured folder. MOCers should ideally have more than one deviation submitted to the group before requesting features.

8. The admins have the power to eat your soul, move, reject or delete deviations at our discretion.

9. Remember, this group is about MOCs (creations made using Bionicle or Hero Factory pieces). Our focus is on the design in question, not your photoshopping abilities.

10. Happy MOCing! :w00t:

Group icon made by Alex-Darkrai

The BML Standard

Here at the BionicleMOCers’League, we strive to uphold a high standard for the MOCs that we accept. Of course ‘a high standard’ is incredibly qualitative, but here we’ve outlined five key attributes which will, hopefully, both define what makes a good MOC and help people whose MOCs may not make it into our gallery.

Creativity is, in our humble opinion, where most people fall short. The whole sticking-to-what-Lego-showed-you won’t get you any brownie points if you simply swap an armour piece here and there. Try using pieces where they wouldn’t normally be used, try to break free from the ‘skeleton plus armour’ building style that Lego has taught you, experiment with new pieces. How can you use a piece in a way that’s never been used before? Can you design something that the world hasn’t seen yet? It’s these clever additions that really give MOCs their spark.

We have to remember that MOCs aren’t static sculptures; their articulation allows them to move. It might be hard to show this in pictures, but how sturdy is your MOC? How strongly are the pieces attached together? Will it fall over or break when you move it? Some builds are made purely for aesthetics, in which case strength might not be a top priority, but if your MOC is able to pull off several different poses, it all adds to its character – in fact, you could even include good ol’ functions, like the early days of Bionicle!

Now, having a Toa with fully custom armour and weaponry is all fine and dandy, but what is a gallery without some variation? A good MOCer is one who can succeed in all areas: big and small, humanoid and creature, Bionicle and Hero Factory. Having a wide range of different styles makes your gallery vastly more interesting – people will get bored if they see the same mecha over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with a well-built Hero, but here at the BML we love accepting things of different shapes and sizes!

If anything, consistency is a factor that really gives a MOC flair. Does the MOC itself seem natural? Is the colour scheme sound? More advanced MOCers would go even further – what kind of texture does this MOC have? Organic or mechanical? Blocky or smooth? Intricate details or simplicity? Sometimes it's good to have colours spread equally around a MOC, while at other times it's best to focus them in particular areas. Equal (or intentionally unequal!) distribution of characteristics shows that a MOCer has paid attention to the design as a whole, and taken the entire picture into account.

Finally, the last hurdle which trips up far too many people is presentation. We understand that not everyone can afford fancy high-definition cameras, but you can still make an effort to make the background as clear as possible (or even create scenery!). Blurriness and backgrounds aren’t the only things that can ruin a good MOC, though. How many pictures do you want to show us? Several poses and angles, or one simple photo? Do you want to display them separately, or in a collage? This is, after all, deviantArt, where making good first impressions is essential.

Of course, no-one is perfect – that includes us BML admins. You also have to remember that everybody starts off as a beginner, so obviously you can’t expect fantastic results right from the get-go. I hope this advice helped you advance as a builder, or at least have a better understanding of the MOCing community. Thanks for reading, and happy MOCing!

Group Info

The group is for Bionicle/Hero Factory MOCers, by Bionicle/HF MOCers. :community:

For those who do not know, this group is centred around people using Lego sets, particularly those from the Bionicle and Hero Factory line, to create their own models. MOC is an acronym for My Own Creation, which is something that our members have designed themselves.

The BionicleMOCers'League is focused on the craft of MOCing and is a place for talented artists to socialize with other MOCers, show off their work and be part of a community. In an effort to retain quality and integrity of the group a standard of acceptable content will be upheld. Please see the 'BML Standard' for more details. While other bionicle groups have succumbed to less than suitable conditions, BML is the home to the true artists of this unique medium. Most of the top BioMOCers submit their works here. Think of the BML as the central hub of Bionicle and Hero Factory MOCing on deviantArt. The admins and I strive to make this a community oriented, friendly, and constructive environment for everyone.

Thank you to our members for making this the best bionicle MOC group on DeviantArt.
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We are currently in the process of udpating the BML's main page. If things are off or changing, this is why. If you notice something is off on one of the widgets or the page overall, please let us know and we'll do our best to fix it. Thank you.

~The BML Staff

Let The Fandoms Begin

Mon Feb 23, 2015, 1:16 PM by Glenfoxx:iconglenfoxx:

Hey MOCers! This is Russell, and I shall now lay my Bionicle Fandom bare.
Practically the only toy I had in great quantity growing up was Lego, specifically Bionicle. And I loved it. I devoured every storyline, plot, and character. If you ask me any question about Bionicle, I can guarantee I can answer it from memory alone.
Of course, after you read the official story, your youthful mind naturally comes up with fantastical new stories every day! I used to plunge Tahu, Gali, and all the rest into adventures based on whatever I had read or seen. Eventually I create my own characters and that's when I started to MOC. And boy, let me tell ya, I had an incredible in-depth storyline going on based on the official story.
And man was it darn fun.
As you get older though, you lose you childlike wonder and you start to imagine darker and more complex stories. And then finally, here I am with my own little perception on how the Bionicle universe works, wrapped up in a blanket of my Fanfiction.
Now, I get to see other peoples Fandoms, and it is incredible the amount of diversity there is here in the community. When I think about it more, I think that there is so much diversity, simply because Bionicle was rather . . . contradictory at times between different forms of Media. We had books, comics, movies, and sets, and all of these at different times differed very much in there form.
So all that said, here are some observations on the various Fandoms, and finally my Fandom.

HUMANS: I have no idea where this came from, but some incorporate the idea that humans exist in the Bionicle mythos or in a different dimension. The excuse is of course a certain Kanohi mask that creates dimensional portals. Another variant of this, is that the Bionicle characters are in fact, themselves, humans, often with either a Maori or Manga overtone.
Another theory that ties into this is that the Great Beings are human.
All in all, it's a fascinating Fandom and sometimes it works. Personally, I don't prefer humans in Bionicle. To me, it clashes hard with the mythos.

ROMANCE (you know what I'm taking about): NOOOOOO!! Poor Hewkii and Macku! When I heard that romance was not "Canon" I almost flipped. It's funny, because I NEVER thought about Bionicle in that light . . . until this happened.
Consequently, I think almost every Fandom rebelled against this. And more power to them, I think.

ROBOT OR NO ROBOT: Just how organic or robotic are these creatures? I think every Fandom is different, with some being more or less one of the two. The official ratio of skin and metal is about 15 to 80.
I don't know why there is so much variation in this ratio, but maybe it has something to do with the books. Descriptions of appearance of characters are sometimes vague, leaving room for interpretation. Karzahnii I think is good example of this.

MYTH vs SCIENCE: This one is simple. Some people like a more mythical Bionicle like 2001, or more sci-fi like later years. This is usually tied in with some people disregarding certain plotlines in Bionicle and making up there own, which I happily did all the time.

This leads to my own mythos. Personally, I adhere sort of closely to official canon story-wise. I Absolutely love to conceal the fact that everything in Bionicle is science. I prefer a more mythical interpretation of events and things. Instead of A.I's, they are called spirits, for example. So the science is there, but by a different name.
I like to think of the denizens in Bionicle as so completely synthetic they appear half alien, half human. Romance implies a Biological connection, and . . . ah . . . I sort of have my own theories on how stuff like this works. Bionicle has the three virtues, Unity, Duty, and Destiny, and bonds and friendships are common so . . . who knows? My MOCing style is kind of a representation of what I think the overall aesthetic of Bionicle could be.
So yeah. I just love how diverse and wacky the Bionicle art and MOCing community is. Never loose your crazy fun!

So what about you? What is your zany and secret Fandoms? What is the Bionicle to you?

Gathered friends . . . listen to our Legends . . . of the Bionicle.

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